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Post Op

Post Op Instructions for Periodontal Surgery

1. After you procedure, rest and refrain from strenuous activity. Exercise can be resumed after 3 days if you feel you are able.

2. Take your antibiotics as prescribed until they are finished. Ibuprofen will help with swelling and pain and should be taken as prescribed. It may upset your stomach and should be taken with food.

3. The Band-Aids or sutures placed over the site will eventually loosen and fall out. When it does it should be thrown away. The band-aid may last anywhere from 3 days to a full 2 weeks. Any sutures placed will reabsorb in 7-10 days. Do not play with the band-aid or sutures or remove them yourself.

4. Day 1: Ice will help with swelling, gently apply to area of face where treatment done 20 minutes on 20 minutes off, do not rub. Day 2: If necessary,a warm compress can be used, not ice.

5. A small amount of blood in the saliva is normal. Do not panic, any bleeding will subside as clotting occurs. If bleeding is excessive, apply a moist tea bag over the area and apply pressure for 20-30 minutes without stopping.

6. Bruising and swelling is normal and will peak 48-72 hours (Day 2 & 3)

7. Absolutely NO chewing or brushing the surgery site until instructed again by the doctor (approx. 2-3 weeks)

8. Use the rinse given or warm salt water (1tsp of salt in 8oz glass) to keep the area clean. Start rinses the day after your procedure. This should be done both morning and evening. Only use Listerine Zero if necessary or instructed.

9. Soft food and sometimes-liquid diet is required. Please refer to “Soft Food Suggestions” for more details. Please stay hydrated it will help with healing.

10. Do not drink hot beverages early on and when the band-aids fall out, the skin is still healing and can easily be burned.

11. No Swimming

12. Please call the office at (905) 728-5793 for any questions and if necessary I can be reached at (416) 786-8955. Don’t forget to leave your name and number and I will return your call. In the event of an emergency; please go to the closest Emergency Room.